Who We Are

We, Maria Campillo Cuesy and Elizabeth Stone Smithburg, are CTI certified coaches and trainers and have recognition as Certified Professional Coach by the ICF. After training more than 1,000 coaches, we have been able to identify the gaps that exist between finishing a coaching training and being able to have an established practice as an executive coach.

Maria Campillo Cuesy

After having an early career as a cinematographer at age 14 and getting to work as assistant camera with Academy Award winning cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto and assistant director to Simon Bross one of advertising more decorated director, Maria decided to change her career path at age 24 from filmmaker to change maker. She first joined the Kaospilots school in Denmark in 2002. Kaospilots is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. BusinessWeek has recognised Kaospilot as one of the best design schools in the world, and Fast Company has named it in its Start-up Leagues Big 10, preparing you for the fast-moving start-up economy. During the next 10 years of living in Denmark she got the opportunity to work in different consulting companies helping companies lead innovation and cultural change processes. She continued developing her facilitation skills by attending and leading Art of Hosting events within private and public organizations. She then decided to move back to Mexico and join The Coaches Training Institute in 2012 as part of their faculty teaching others how to become Co Active Coaches. This gave her the opportunity of putting to work the art of making sure people learned skills and at the same time growing them as people. She also learned how to design experiential learning both in person and online delivery. In 2014, she joined BTS Coach as an associate, coaching individual clients and facilitating experiential learning. After 3 years she was hired to develop the curricula based on the shifts, which is the backbone of all leadership programs in Coach in a Box working alongside Jerry Connor, founder and partner of the company.

Elizabeth Stone Smithburg

Throughout her life, Elizabeth is naturally drawn to the idea of continuous improvement and human connection. Spending most of her childhood and college years playing competitive tennis, Elizabeth attributes some of her greatest lessons happening during her toughest moments on the court. At a young age, she put herself in the arena, learning how to hold the space to compete and improve, and at the same time be graceful, courageous and gritty. After graduating from college, Elizabeth worked at a start-up company and then economic consulting company, spending nearly a decade pushing to climb the corporate ladder and not asking herself the hard questions. Eventually, she hired her own coach and found her natural gift of helping people realize their dreams and potential through the human connection. Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Co-Active through Coaches Training Institute. She holds a BA in Economics from Middlebury College and lives in Chicago with her family.

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