What We Do

We bridge the gap between learning about leadership in school and actual leadership at work

We train coaches who want to have a measurable impact on organizations
We help organizations develop internal coaching practices as well as coaching capabilities for managers and front-line leaders
We train the trainers for process facilitation (think conflict-management, innovation, and design-thinking)
We design bespoke leadership programs and train the trainers
We design and deliver workshops in parenting, healthcare, and sports

We have more than 10 years of experience coaching leaders in all types of organizations, from the new company to Fortune 100 multinationals. We have published articles and have been featured on podcasts, focused on the importance of self-awareness for one’s personal growth. We are generous truth-tellers who encourage individual initiative and creativity, honor and respect “non-I” values and have an ability to adapt and adjust. As a team, we value truth-telling, respect, empowerment, adaptability, and generosity.

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