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Coaching Business Executives in their Quest for Truth

Chicago, October 5-6, 2019

Spend two full days learning how to be an executive coach who has a clear and defined offering that appeals to small, medium and large size organizations. Turn your previous experience, network and coaching passion into a profitable business, walking away with tools to effectively coach business teams and be able to transfer knowledge and life experience to create conscious leadership.


Program Overview:

After you have attended the workshop, you will have:

The Handbook
Your core strength results and workbook
Access to customizable pdfs to share with clients
Coaching fee and Project fee calculator
Project proposal template

Day 1:

Learn what BDG model is, and how it works to measure results Get your own core strength self-assessment and learn how to use assessments with your clients Create a coaching journey for your coachee based on their needs.

Day 2:

Experiential practice of the 14 sessions
Life Self Reflection (free download here)
Mission Statement
Personal Brand
Giving Feedback
Receiving Feedback
Decision Making
Action Planning Guide
Rand and Privilege
Difficult conversation
Defining your offering
Setting your pricing
Creating your pitch


Maria Campillo

Professional Certified Coach and Faculty Member of the Co-Active Training Institute

Elizabeth Smithburg

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Options: Two enrollment levels so that you can choose the price point.

Level 1: 2-day workshop (everything included in program overview)

$1200 USD ($900 USD early bird)

Level 2: 2-day workshop plus 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with facilitators on how to coach the 14 sessions

$1500 USD ($1200 USD early bird)


  Kanché: a characteristic component of Mayan greenhouses

  • A kanché, or elevated soil bed, is used as a seeder where crops and medicinal plants are grown before they get transferred to their final destination

  • It sets a strong base and prepares the plants to gain strength before being transplanted


Coaching Business Executives in their Quest for Truth


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